What is Baking in Makeup

What is Baking in Makeup?

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In makeup, baking is a technique used to set or enhance the staying power of certain products, particularly under the eyes. It involves applying a generous amount of translucent powder to specific areas of the face and allowing it to sit for a few minutes before dusting off the excess. It is called “baking” because the heat from the skin helps set the makeup, and the powder absorbs any excess oils, giving a matte finish and preventing creasing. As a result, the cakey finish after applying foundation and concealer is addressed by baking properly.

How to Bake Using Translucent Powder?

Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to bake your makeup:

1. Apply Moisturizer and Primer

Begin with a clean, moisturized face. Apply a suitable moisturizer followed by a makeup primer to create a smooth base for your makeup. Our favorite primer is the Vitamin Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer by Bobbi Brown. It moisturizes the skin and primes the face for concealer and foundation like no other product. 

2. Apply Concealer

Use a concealer to cover any blemishes or under-eye circles. This step is often done before foundation. Make sure to set your concealer after application with a wet beauty sponge.

3. Apply Foundation:

Apply your foundation as usual. Baking is commonly used in conjunction with concealer and foundation to set these products. A thorough application is important as it will be harder to go back a step after baking. 

4. Apply Concealer for Baking

Apply a thick layer of a creamy, full-coverage concealer to the areas you want to highlight and set. This is often done under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin.

5. Blend the Concealer:

Use a makeup sponge or brush to blend the concealer into your skin. Make sure it’s well blended and doesn’t leave any harsh lines.

6. Apply Translucent Powder:

Use a generous amount of translucent powder and apply it over the areas where you applied the concealer. The powder should sit on the skin for a few minutes, allowing the heat from your face to set the makeup. At Pro7 Studio  we are huge fans of Huda’s Easy Bake powders. This is not an ad, just a sincere recommendation for you to give baking a try using the best quality translucent powder on the market. Now on to the next two important steps within baking.


Allow the powder to “bake” or set for a few minutes. During this time, some you may work on other parts of the face, like applying eyeshadow or contour.

Dust off Excess Powder:

After a few minutes, use a fluffy brush to gently sweep away the excess powder. This leaves behind a smooth, matte finish. Make sure to brush off to powder thoroughly to avoid overly bright under eyes in photos. 

And just like that, you’re done baking!

Make sure to always take into account your skin type before you apply any foundation or baking powder on your skin. As Pro7 experts, we recommend coming in for a consultation so we can analyze your skin type and recommend the best makeup products. 

Is Baking Necessary Every Time I Put Makeup On My Face?

Baking us is an essential step of professional makeup application especially if you need your makeup to last for hours. We typically bake during our bridal sessions, stage makeup and party makeup. Full-on baking with maximum amount of powder may not always be necessary but even so we believe in spot applications of translucent powder where necessary. This will enhance the look of the makeup although minimal translucent powder is used. If you have a face that sweats often during the day, you might want to consider applying translucent powder where necessary.

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