2024 Wedding Makeup Trends

Here are the top 5 wedding makeup trends you can choose from in 2024. From ombre lips to balletcore beauty, 2024 will be a year of elegance and individuality for brides.

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As we step into the enchanting world of weddings in 2024, brides are seeking timeless beauty trends that seamlessly blend tradition with modern elegance. In the realm of bridal makeup, this year brings forth a delightful array of styles, each highlighting the natural radiance and individuality of the bride. The leading examples of individuality were Hailey Bieber with her balletcore beauty, Kourtney Kardashian with her red french nail tips and Rihanna with her ombre lips. Let’s explore the top wedding makeup trends that are stealing the spotlight in 2024.

1. Glowy and Natural Makeup

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This one is all about the philosophy of “less is more.” The natural glow look allows the bride’s innate beauty to shine through effortlessly. Characterized by soft, dewy skin, minimal foundation, and a hint of illuminating highlighter, this trend aims to enhance the bride’s features. It is ideal for those with clear and even skin tones. 

2. Smokey Eyes Look

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The timeless allure of smokey eyes continues to captivate brides in 2024. This year’s rendition takes a softer and more blended approach, infusing the classic style with a touch of romance. Earthy tones like warm browns and soft grays create a subtle yet sultry effect. Suited for various eye shapes, this trend adapts seamlessly to brides with almond, hooded, or round eyes.

3. Balletcore Makeup

balletcore makeup arizona makeup artist wedding hailey bieber

2024 introduces a whimsical trend that draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of ballet dancers — Balletcore makeup. Featuring soft pastels, delicate pinks, and shimmering finishes, this look encapsulates a dreamy and fairy-tale aesthetic. Suited for brides who appreciate an enchanting charm, Balletcore makeup compliments a variety of face shapes, particularly those with heart-shaped or oval faces, accentuating their graceful features.

4. Pop of Red Makeup

red lips for wedding makeup arizona makeup artist pro7 studio

In a palette dominated by neutrals, a bold pop of red emerges as a statement-making choice. Whether it’s a captivating red lip or a subtle touch of crimson on the eyes, this trend injects drama and passion into the bridal look. Perfect for brides with fair to medium skin tones, the classic red lip steals the show, while deeper tones explore richer shades like burgundy. The pop of red makeup trend caters to brides seeking a bold and confident energy on their wedding day.

5. Ombre Lips Makeup

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Adding a touch of artistic flair, ombre lips emerge as a standout trend in 2024. This style involves blending two or more lipstick shades to create a seamless gradient effect. Ideal for brides who want to showcase a playful and modern edge, ombre lips bring a dynamic focal point to the overall makeup look. This trend is versatile and can be adapted to various lip shapes, allowing brides to experiment with different color combinations. Smokey eyes typically go well with this look.

Which Bridal Makeup Trend is Best For Me in 2024?

As brides embark on the enchanting journey towards marital bliss in 2024, these top wedding makeup trends offer a spectrum of choices that cater to diverse styles and preferences. Whether it’s the understated allure of the natural glow, the sultry romance of smokey eyes, the polished elegance of monochrome, the bold statement of a pop of red, the enchanting charm of balletcore beauty, or the dynamic allure of ombre lips, each trend invites brides to express their individuality and embrace the beauty that lies within.

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